Moor Logistics

June 7, 2018

In an effort to bridge the gap in Logistics and Distribution Services, Moor and Adewunmi Global Services Limited- an indigenous Logistics and Distribution company was setup very recently. But even though it’s a young company, they are growing very fast. They are committed to strategic excellence, superior operational performance and proven financial discipline.

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The Brief

Being a new company with no online presence, we were asked to design a simple one-page website that would carry all of the company’s basic information and provide a medium for their clients to contact them.


The Result

We focused on simplicity for the website and the colour theme was chosen to resonate with the colours present in their logo. We made use of vectors to make it easy for users to relate to the elements of the website. Because of the littleness of the availability of content, we had to structure the layout in a way that both presents the text and properly aligns with other visual elements.

Overall, it was a fun working with them as they were very responsive and quick to provide any needed information.



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