UI/UX Design

It is a common misgiving even among creatives to think UX (User Experience) design is the same as UI (User Interface) design. UI design is an integral part of a much larger process of business problem solving called UX design which takes into consideration factors like problem definition, client requirements analysis, user personas and scenarios, usage mapping, prototyping and general interface design and assembly.

We put a lot of effort into strategic thinking driven by research before we arrive at an interface conclusion in order to give the users the best experience possible.



This involves creating the fundamental structures upon which an experience is built. They are sketches that demonstrate the content & features a page will have, they are the result of answering solution oriented questions like what does the user want to see first? How will the user respond? How do we keep the user engaged? This serves as a blueprint for our designers, developers, content writers and SEO teams to bring the experience to fruition.



Omnichannel Design

This refers to the process of designing a website in such a way that presents the users with several channels at the same time. for instance, customers can decide to make payment through diverse online payment platforms or direct deposit.

We offer omnichannel delivery for payment, delivery, booking and event management.



Responsive Design

Responsiveness in web platforms is no longer optional. Because users access web platforms from different devices, from mobile phones to desktop computers, it imperative for the website to not only be accessible but tailored for optimal display across the devices.

We design responsive websites using mobile-first approach to give users the best experience every time.



Experience Facilitation

This is the process of enhancing user satisfaction by improving the overall usability, accessibility and interactivity between user and platform.


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